Tips For How To Increase the Battery Life of Laptops

First and the Foremost thing which every individual must see before buying any laptop is the Battery Life, as we know that laptops batteries never run for a longer time span therefore as the time passes there life shortens. There are many examples of all time bad experiences like you are working on a project and your battery broke down in-between, and I know this really frustrates you. Here we present some of the important tips which you can implement and get 100% positive results.

5 Tips to Increase Battery Life

-Firstly, Never overcharge your laptop, as this will damage the battery and will effect or decrease the Battery Life.

-Secondly, Always decrease the brightness of your laptop when you are not doing any important work or just passing the time. As many laptops are provided with minimizing and maximizing the brightness of laptop, but its been recommended to always decrease the brightness as the display screen much more power, if you implement this step you see a major increase in life of the battery.

-Thirdly, Select Power save option which is available on the task bar of your laptops, doing this will certainly slows down the performance of your laptop computer but it adjusts the overall working going on.

-Fourthly, Close all unnecessary programs which are not in use like any kind of Update. Always hibernate you laptop instead of standby because stand-by mode consumes battery and hibernation completely shut down the laptop and when you Turn-On the laptop will resumes from where you left and increases the battery life.

-Fifthly, Avoid any other unnecessary external devices like External hard Disk, Pen Drives, headphones, joysticks etc and disconnect them if they are attached and not in use. Also try to disable Bluetooth or wifi when they are not in use because bluetooth always search for other “devices to get paired with” and on the other hand wifi also search for other modems for connectivity or pairing and uses battery power.

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