Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I9082 Reviews and Applications Installed

In our previous post we discussed about the Detailed Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos, here in this post we will let you know about the Hands on Review.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos Reviews

Today we are going to review this device which has just been launched in India at a very exciting price of Rs 21,500 only.  This smartphone is much similar to Samsung Galaxy Note II, so those who are dreaming to buy Note II can go For this new beauty. In the box you will get a Galaxy Grand Smartphone, a USB charger and if USB detached from the charger, then you can use it for file transfer as USB cable. You will also get earphones, Samsung Flip Cover as this is an introductory offer and a user manual guide.

Lets go around with the 360° view of Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos:

The front side of the phone has 5″ inches capacitive display, on the top right you have 2MP camera and along with the earpiece there are Proximity Sensors. Now you all must be thinking that “What is Proximity Sensors?”. Proximity sensors are very much useful for saving the battery life, i.e. when you get a Phone call, and you take the device near to the ear, the proximity sensors automatically sense the object near to it and it shut off the Screen light. This will help you too make the device battery last longer. On the front below side there are 2 feature touch keys and in the middle there is a key for closing all the running applications.

Samsung-Galaxy-Grand proximity sensor

The boundary of Samsung Galaxy Grand is completely Steel and on the Left hand side there is a Volume rocker button for increasing and Decreasing the Volume, on right side there is a Mobile Turn off / screen lock button. On the top there is 3.5mm Jack for Earphones and on below it has a USB charging slot or you can also use it for File transferring using USB cable.

 Sasmung Galaxy Grand 3 side view

The back panel of the smartphone is self colored textured and is not rough, which you won’t be able to see in the picture. On the back side you will have 8MP camera, LED flash light and speaker.

Battery Review: The battery performance of Samsung Galaxy Grand is 2100 mAh which is much sufficient for huge device like this. Keeping in view the screen size the battery size is enough. What we have tested is, the device can easily run for 1.5 day after a normal use, i.e. Listening music, browsing internet, playing games and stand-by etc.

Display Quality: Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos display size is 5″ inches which is giving brilliant colors output and provides an excellent experience. It also has an excellent viewing angles, i.e. you can see a clear image from any angle. The pixel rate is 480 x 800 pixels is somewhere less, but if you see the screen from near you will not notice any big boxes. So this is a positive point. It also has a Multi-window feature which let you perform Multi-tasking at the same time, i.e. you can use web and send message simultaneously.

It has 1.2 GHz processor and latest version popular operating system i.e. Android 4.1.2 Jelly bean. This new OS provides you Google Now feature, which brings the right information before you ask.

Galaxy Grand also has an excellent Sound quality which we have tested just now, the sound is not too loud and neither less, it is optimum for regular use. The inbuilt memory is 8GB out of which user memory available is 3.94 GB rest is occupied by already installed applications. For increasing the memory you can use upto 64 GB Micro SD card, which will be inserted under the battery. That means you need to first shut down the device and then insert the card, there is no Hot swap feature.

Camera Quality Review: The camera of Samsung Galaxy Grand is again a very good hardware installed, it is similar to both Samsung galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II. You can click clear pictures from both front and rear camera. The front camera is 2 Mp of fixed focus provides good capture, the rear camera clicks and shoots awesome images and video. In day light the camera is outstanding and in dark light the picture quality is pretty good

Message Typing Feedback: The keyboard for message typing is very much comfortable. The keypad feedback is 100% positive as per our usage. Th size of the keyboard is comfortable for both thin and thick fingers.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Keyboard

Screen Touch Reviews: If we talk about pinch to zoom feature i.e. zooming the screen with your fingers is also very smooth, panning between the screen is also good. This means that you can easily move from screen to another, again scrolling feature is also very fast.

Applications Installed: Dropbox Service is installed  and it provides you to save 50 GB of Data, this application is pre-installed and comes with in the whole package. Others are myServices in which you can download Rs 8000/- of stuff absolutely free; stuffs are like movie, music, educational content etc. S Memo similar to Note II is also there to make and save your memo.         S Voice is yet another interesting application, which lets you speak anything and it will provide you the information. Like, if you want to surf the browser, instead of typing in browser, just speak in S voice and the information is there. If you want to dial a phone number, simply speak the name of the  caller and it will automatically dials the number for you. And moreover you can download as many applications you want from its latest Android version  i.e. Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean).

So this is the cheap and best smartphone according to me launched in India at just Rs 21,500/ only. So here we come to an end of Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos Review. Please share your reviews also.

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