My New Samsung Galaxy I9003 SL Purchased for rupees 20,000

Here is my new latest gadget which iam going to intruduce with you guys. Its Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL which i have purchased recently with my own income,You know how it costs me it is only Rs 20,000,which is i guess not a huge amount for the gadget lovers,now let me tell you how i made a decision to purchase this samsung galaxy i9003 sl.

samsung i9003 galaxy SL images

Well i  already have an android phone which is lg  optimus p500 but this phone have been taken by my brother and then i decided to buy an another android gadget, you guys dont know what i actually pays for this 20000 RS phone. I belong to a middle class family but to buy this should need a courage to purchase this gadget because you are investing your twenty thosand Rupees,which is not a small amount.

I used my lg optimus but as said earlier my bro took that phone so i decided to purchase an another gadget. as i already used to for android.and i had to go for an good android,after searching so many shops then i finally decided to buy this one,as it looks good and the features are more than my previous android lg phone.

If you see this phone you will find some great features which i dint have in my lg android phone it has gorilla glass display which prevents the screen from scraches,dent etc. It has 5 mp camera but no flash.

This samsung galaxy 9003 sl has android 2.2 and upgradable to 2.3 which you can do it manually by a simple software,because i already upgrade my previous phone with the software provided by lg. Samsung 19003 has an 478 ram.which is lesser than my optimus,coz it has 512 mb ram.

This phone has some disadvantages like it does not have rom. It does not have ndrive installed by default,because this phone has gps and it also have an tv out option but does not have any software belong to that tv out. The bydefault installed applications are not good as comparison with lg optimus p 500.

I think its enough to tell you about this gadget,now iam feeling sleeping so iam going to sleep and you guys enjoy reading


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