Cons or Disadvantages of buying Micromax Funbook P300 Tablet

Recently got myself a new Micromax Funbook Tablet P300, the First thing in which the tablet is lacking behind is Bluetooth connectivity which is not present in the device. As we all know that small segment mobile phones are also installed with Bluetooth Functionality, so this is the major problem with micromax funbook. There may be some T & C behind this, in which no one can help.

The Second thing is the earphones, the tablet is not packed with earphones or headphones, there also it is lacking behind, but they have given a 3.5 mm jack which is compatible with almost all earphones of Nokia or Samsung phones. Even I am using Samsung earphones.

Thirdly, theย package does not contain any external memory card, even though Micromax Funbook has external memory card slot which supports upto 32Gb memory. But you need to purchase the Miro SD card from outside, and I will suggest you to buy it upto 16 GB as there could some hanging problems. So these are some of the small-small problems with it. It also does not packed with Screen Guard and cover or pouch whatever you say.

Fourthly, Most of the time when you are running any Android application in Micromax Funbook, in between of it there prompts a Message “xyz application has stopped working”, and then it asks would you like to stop it or wait.

Fifthly, The Major Problem is which I think is not associated with any other Tablet is the The Auto Responsive Screen or some times screen touch is unresponsive. This thing only happens when the Micromax funbook is on Charging mode. When it is under charging for few minutes it works fine, and certainly you will notice that when you don’t touch the screen it will automatically starts responding. For example, if you click on MENU, instead of showing menu it will show you Battery status or open some other application, or sometime the screen becomes unresponsive. But if you will use it after charging it works excellently. So I will suggest you all to first charge to its fullest then use.

So these are the problems or cons which you can face during the use of Funbook. But overall I will suggest to go with this tablet, as it is quite cheap or its choice.

94 Responses to “Cons or Disadvantages of buying Micromax Funbook P300 Tablet”

  1. Bharath says:

    I do agree with Mr. Nishant, apart from above said problem . the accessory given along with

    funbook are cheap one ( China make) it not upto the required quality. Charger heats up within 5 mins of charging. Micromax has to take care of above said issue.

    Touch screen doesnot respond while charging. touch panel is not upto the mark . my recommendation for those who are looking for new tablet please go with some other brand or wait for somemore time for any new brand

  2. Rahul Srivastava says:

    I recently purchased the funbook P3400 , initially it was the good experience but later on i face some issues like sudden poweroff when connected to dongle, no response when tried to switch it on again , need to connect charger for making it working again

    Also the boot time is getting increased since i installed apps from the Google play store

    As nishant mentioned that there is auto respond function when in charging mode which is the worst thing i have noticed so far

    overall its a good and smart product but the issues needs to be removed for making it better.

    • Rahul@ I Haven’t felt any kind power off complaint while connecting with Dongle, Is this happening with you Regularly?

      • Varun says:

        I myself also facing the same issue it altomatically gets turned off…

      • madhav says:


      • akshit says:

        can u please tell me which dongle you use..

        • i use this only with wifi connectivity, but the reviews which I got regarding the dongle is that, the tab gets turn off while connecting it with dongle

          • Krishna says:

            there is no problem in connecting dongle with my tab, just replace ur battery at ur nearest customer center ….and it can support any dongle.. i am connecting with idea E1732 which is unlocked and i am using aircel sim in it…

          • kranthi says:

            hey…Nishant Kapoor….u said that u’ve used internet connection with wifi….now tell me how to connect to a wifi network which was created on system….i tried connect to it but it stays at “obtaining ip addres ” and it doesn’t connect….i’m really tired of trying to connect it every day…will u plz tell me how to connect it??

    • sathish says:

      I am also experiencing the same problem.i brought Micromax Funbook P300 in the month of august.iTs battery is the worst one.At battery levels of 75% the tablet is getting switched off.Micromax has cheated all its customers..

  3. I recently purchased the funbook P300 , initially it was the good experience but later on i face some issues like sudden poweroff when connected to dongle, no response when tried to switch it on again , need to connect charger for making it working again Also the boot time is getting increased since i installed apps from the Google play store As nishant mentioned that there is auto respond function when in charging mode which is the worst thing i have noticed so far overall its a good and smart product but the issues needs to be removed for making it better.

  4. aakash says:

    Hi frnzz me also face this problem when I charge then this gadget is hang but if I use data cable port charging then this is not happning pls frnz cheack this with uors tab

  5. Deep says:

    I m thinking to purchase this tab bt i want to know from all of u should i purchase this one or have to look for some other brand

  6. Abraham says:

    I purchased it with the intention to give our to my kids
    it has all they want . If I need one I will go for a better one.
    For kids this is perfect considering the fact that its damn cheap

  7. Jon says:

    I am confused between Mircomax Funbook and Karbonn Smart Tab 1. Money is not the problem as both are in almost same price range.
    I just want a good tablet with smooth user interface,a good touch screen, should be able to play most of the games and apps, should be able to do internet browsing smoothly and battery should be good to some extent.
    Also i want to ask about the battery life of Funbook. I mean how long does it lasts for, if it is full charged ??
    Also does the Skype works perfectly on this tablet ??

    Also how is the internet browsing experience on this tab. Is it smooth or does it have lags while browsing ??

    And can you please help me choose between Micromax Funbook and Karbonn Smart Tab 1

    • Battery Life is good i.e. around 4-5 hours.
      It is not well supported with Skype, internet browsing is smooth
      As per price funbook is a good option, and you can also go with the cons mentioned above

    • Sourabh says:

      both the tablets are good but the plus point of karbon tab is that it has 2 M.P camera and a long battery life in comparison to funbook while the plus point of funbook is that it comes with an aditional educational software name vriti which is modified for funbook.

      now skype’s latest version is not so smooth but u can have the old version which works perfectly and their are many other optn for video calling instead of skype

      I would recomend u FUNBOOK

    • ayush raj says:

      plse purchase karbon smart tab 1 its good than micromax funbook first its does nt support skype which is a major problem with me battery not give more than 5hours time for internet browsing

  8. I acquired this tab by the means of a gift. So far i haven’t faced any major issues. It is working fine. I am yet to validate if this works with any other dongle apart from Tata Photon. I am not sure if this is really a concern or my intuition but i feel that touch screen act weird at times. For instance, if i want to get into a folder ‘xyz’ with a touch then it opens folder ‘abc’ which is not the intent. Can someone validate this for me please?????

    • Sourabh says:

      avoid using funbook during charging and remove lamination frm the screen and instead u can put orignal screen guard this the prblm which cant be solved but can be minimised .

  9. Parag says:

    can i use other dongle except TATA photon for Micromax Tablet

    • you can use any other also, but there is turn off problem, while connecting any dongle

    • Sourabh says:

      u can use any dongle by breaking the lock of the dongle. micromax provides a list which gives u the dongles that can be connected with out breaking lock

      • Saurabh I think you are a funbook fan, but brother, a con is a con, it does not have any relation with pricing. As i have already mentioned in the above post ” that you can go with this tab as its low in pricing” but if there are some demerits then I have to mention them.

  10. Srinivas K says:

    Please do not purchase Micromax-funbook. It got problem from its first week of functioning. Now it is not booting. The service team also not co-operative

  11. Sourabh says:

    please tell him a thing that if u will not co-operate i have to go to consumer forum and complaint about them and also u can reset ur tablet by the button provided or u can update its software via internet

  12. Sourabh says:

    please tell him a thing that if u will not co-operate i have to go to consumer forum and complaint about them and also u can reset ur tablet by the button provided or u can update its software via internet this can surely help you

  13. Sourabh says:

    i m using funbook and since 20 days but i didnt came across with any of the prblm listed if u completely full its memory then surely it will take time and it is the common problem in all device like mobiles, pc , laptops , tablets etc so 4 fast booting keep necessary softwares only and do as i said………… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • As you know that company has recommended upto 32 gb memory, but still there are problems when the tablet acquires 2 gb memory.
      Moreover the problems listed above are suffered by me, that’s why I mentioned them

  14. Dr.Mridul Hazarika says:

    Also you should not root it,it already rooted.And many HD games does not work.I have bought a poush/leather cover for Rs.600 its perfect.

  15. Dr.Mridul says:

    Huawei 1550 dongle works.I tried.Just u hv to configure the settings of ur own sim.put MNC CODE 404

  16. Dr. Tarun Kumar Chauhan says:

    hello friends,
    any buddy tell me the disadvantages if this tab
    micromax fun book is good or Karbonn Smart Tab 1

    must reply after seeing my comment

    bye ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. CLIFFORD says:

    hi guys, i was planning to go in for a MICROMAX FUNBOOK, but after goin through yrs coments about this funbook…………………. M WONDERING WAT TO DU

    • Clifford@ See there are always some Positive as well Negative points of anything, if you talk about Samsung galaxy S3 then that phone will also have some pros and cons, so if you are planning to buy a funbook tab then I will recommend you to go with this, as I am also using this, and its a fair deal

      • Aditya says:

        Yah, nishant u too right. There is some advantage and some disadvantage much lessly with some of the gadgets .but funbook will be go0d as its prize.
        As i used it i found some interesting and some outrating.but so all it was a better experience with this tab except cons.but i wish that company will rearrange the problems whit it.and i do hope to improve its screen.but all it would have best if it would have capable for calling.actually it would have be the best and cheapest tab with basic needs more than other unnecessary needs.

  18. CLIFFORD says:

    i realy liked the FUNBOOK but nw m disappointed… ๐Ÿ™

  19. CHETAN says:

    dudes..i m planning to funbook as i wanted it to my education purposes ,i do diploma nishant will u plz tel weather der is study package for diploma EnC..3rd sem………………..does funbook really support for education as i have heard bout it……………..plz reply……

  20. kartpal says:

    its good but but no bluetooth,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,frinds if u have a problem with its hanging than u must use a good sd card and even try using wifi with ur broadband its better than photon ..use a wire less like this

  21. mukul says:

    if i want to bie this can i bie this can yu plz sujest me ……………..!*;

  22. mukul says:

    can yu plz sugest me can i buy this aur not and i want tu now that heating of charger .koi problem to nhi krta nishant bhaia

  23. shubham says:

    can i connect keyboard & mouse to funbook

  24. pradeep says:

    i have recently broughted a funbook but i m confused that can i connect it with mobile for browsing.

  25. Ranchhodbhai Mpatel says:

    on 28/6 i bought m/f book p300 thro sulekha.without photon+.As tata photon+ works only on 3G net work n they do not hv 3g tower n 3g service within this area i am unable to use this let me know which dongle other than tataphoto+ can work with this tablet. Even all icon/appn asking to login id/pw and even after fill them n registering / submitting then also it does not open any menu. pl sugest wat how to do to work it.

  26. I bought my funbook on 27 june after a day th chrger got broken from the pin side.
    It was too difficult to keep it without going it dead. Micromax should do something on these topics!
    Just fed up of these problems……

  27. Kinnar says:

    Same problem as shrestha tiwari,..bought my funbook on 28 june & after a day the chrger broke from the pin side, the pin came totally out of the hold. & the charger cable is so short in length, so that i’m sure this incident will reccour again… such crap & cheap chinese accessories micromax has provided with the looks ,micromax has provided a charger that might have cost rs 10 to them in bulk…so so disappointing! have ordered a charger replacement at micromax service station, but i know if they replace with a same new charger the thing will broke again. Horrible cost cutting by micromax. For the better, i have got a open mkt charger of same rating ,..but of better build & of adequate cable length !

  28. vinod says:

    plz tell me does it support skpye for video chat

  29. ranjith says:

    How can i play gta3 on funbook…
    Where i get files of gta3 for funbook…
    Or pls tell some games for it And where i can get games…?,
    Pls help
    Funbook is a nice experiance for me…
    And it plays full hd videos flawlessly amasing…

  30. Sathish says:

    I bought one yesterday and disappointed due to the fallowing things.

    1.Hangs and restart again when i use fastly

    2. Wifi connectivity speed is too slow

    3.Sometime it is showing some white blank screen

  31. Nitya rana says:

    its a good choice , affordable and good tab experience.

  32. Nitya rana says:

    I bought it 3 weeks ago ,firstly_
    u can use any operators dongle ,just change or modify mobile network settings , myself using airtel ,2g , 3g network can be used,sometimes its automatically configures as soon as any dongle is connected.
    2 :- battery life not good , due to low size of battery 2800 mah. also some application of androids keeps on using battery ., . like ram booster etc whether u use it or keep tablet idle , making it loose battery frequently. 3:-yes , there r issue of showing fasle battery level ,But such problems are due to software non campatability and this problem can be removed using reboot and clearing battery stats and then everything will be ok.
    4:-hangs sometimes , , due to less memory , performing multitasking also several application using ram unknowingly in background. so dont connect it to internet if u r not using wifi or every device is prone to hanging and also use external card of up to 16gb to avoid hangouts.
    5- yes touch panel problem due to high sensibility and bad screen hardware, remove loose lamination use screengaurd and avoid using while charging.
    6:- 3d vision in red cyan works great ,u need 3d goggle and dark room for better 3d experience.
    7:-according to me problems are not much camparing to price tag and will appear friendly with time and understanding.

  33. mitesh says:

    hellow guys, to tell you abt my experience for micromax funbook, i really loved this tab, the tab is having some cons but for this price it is acceptable, i play some cool games on it which works perfectly smooth like, samurai venganance II, asphalt 5, CS portable, and it play videos very nicely it has a good audio quality too, internet browsing is good and now it supports airtel dongles too what can we expect more from this device at such a low cost, if you are planning to buy this, dont think too much just go for it… ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. soumya says:

    i want to buy this product but i have query .is this tablet supprts all type of 3g dongle? i have d-link 3g data card with vodafone connection. is this is compatible eith this tab?
    pls ans me..

  35. Ravi chandola says:

    I want to know that which video calling software does funbook p300 supports

  36. Sajith Karneth says:

    My micromax Tab switches off after 10 to 20 minutes use even with the battery power showing 70% within one month of purchase, initial it switched off when the batter power was 14% latter 20%, 30% now with 70 % charge it switches offf. once off then have to connect the charger to get it switch on. I tried removing SD card but still of now use. can anybody tell me what could be the problem.

    • sathish says:

      I am also experiencing the same problem.i brought Micromax Funbook P300 in the month of august.its battery is the worst one.At battery levels of 75% the tablet is getting switched off.
      I think nobody should buy this cheap tablet.

      Micromax has cheated all its customers..

  37. Gaurav Singh says:

    Hey nish,
    i m planning to buy funbook. but I heard dat the apps n games will only installed in its internal memory. and lots of its space is already consumed by funbook itself, so we cant downld as much apps as we want, m i ri8.
    so, is there any option to install apps on removable memory card.
    reply fast.

    • Gaurav: Funbook is loaded with lots educational content, so if that content is not of your use, then you can simply delete the matter and then will lots of space to download games and apps

  38. Henry says:

    Any one worked with file manager, know how to delete pre saved movies pls reply

  39. Anis says:

    What about gaming xperience? tell me..i m planning to buy it..!

  40. prashant says:

    hey nishant i m planing to purchase funbook pro 10.1inch shall i purchase it or not can u tell me pls or u use this tab

  41. fancy says:

    hey guys i wnt to buy funbook . . Bt littl cnfused with it’s connectivity. . Is this fnbuk cn b connected with normal internet wire. . .

  42. fancy says:

    hi nishant, funbk nt available in the mrkt, all the dealers of micromax r telling jst 1 line. . Out of stock. . .nd i dnt wnt buy it frm online shoping . .

  43. GMR says:

    I purchased the funbook pro 10 days back, overall the experience has been poor. The tablet is unstable, hangs abrubtly. At times while browsing internet, the system reboots on its own. Though the specs say I Ghz processor & 512 mb ram, the performance is quite slow. you can see the patetic touch screen response while playing angry birds. Personally I will not recommed this tablet, even though it is well priced.

  44. mani shankar says:

    i recently bought my funbook it automaically turn off after a few minutes and i need to charge it to turn it on so plz tell me the cause of this happen and one more thing can i use any 2g dongle in funbook as the plans of tata photon+ are very costly plz tell me fast

  45. SEEMA says:

    My charger is not working and other charger not available within 15 days of buying
    where to buy a charger from??/

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